Stop Doing What You 'Should' And Start Doing What Makes You Feel Good!

Imagine every day in your professional life feeling like fun? Where you feel at ease, your creativity flows and you are energised by what you do.


Sounds awesome, right?! 


We are often conditioned to believe we have to 'put up with what we've got' or that 'work is hard' and 'it's too late to do anything else.'


Well, I'm here to tell you that it's not true! 


When we align our purpose and our values with our actions, we can have fun, feel at ease and completely energised every day!




Hi, I'm Katie. A fun-loving, talent-spotting, confidence-building business and brand strategist, and I've been helping women to see their value and shine since 2011.

 Thinking about starting a new business or career can feel exciting, but what happens when you don’t know what business or job to do?! So often, people fall into doing what aligns with their past and their previous skills, not what lights them up and will set them on a path of fun and success in the future. 


After helping hundreds of women to grow their dream careers, by running a successful branding and writing business, I am passionate about empowering women to be the leaders in their own lives, and teaching them what it takes to create their own values-based, achievement packed brand.


My superpowers include helping you to uncover your amazing achievements, strengths, gifts and talents and aligning them with a path you love and can be successful in achieving! 

My mission is to help women to find the fun and love what you do, so you can be the leaders in your own lives and inspire others with your own success! 


I do this by helping you to see your own gifts and strengths, empowering you to feel confident and celebrate what you love and are great at, and inspiring you to love being yourself and listening to your own intuition not the noise of others!


I teach and coach on embracing and aligning your purpose, values and actions, creating a kick-ass value proposition and inspiring business ideas and career choices that you will LOVE!


My courses and programs have been designed to help fun-loving women who feel stifled and stuck in their work to uncover their unique gifts, talents and strengths and align these with their values and goals to make their next move, one that is


WOW, this is incredible !!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH !!!! 

As usual , you go above and beyond in your writing skills ... I am always blown away at how talented you are - so grateful for what you create and all your help as always!!  You are truly amazing at what you do !!

Hannah Chandler, Administration Extraordinaire and Mum of Two (Nearly 3)!

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Empowering you to be the leader in your own career in this 4 week program designed to uncover and align your purpose and values with action so every day can be EASY, EXCITING and FUN!!! 

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